Hundreds of Jewish patients in hospital across the UK each week are counting on your support to receive fresh kosher meals

On Wednesday 5th May Bedside Kosher is launching their 36-hour Life Line campaign, to raise much needed funds to continue their fresh Kosher meal service for Jewish patients in hospital.

Together we aim to raise the vital sum of £500,000.

Bedside Kosher was set up to provide Jewish patients in hospital with FRESH Kosher meals; including Breakfast, Shabbos & Yom Tov meals, Snacks and Child-friendly options – all currently unavailable in UK hospitals.

In the past year Bedside Kosher rapidly responded to the need of our community during the worst pandemic in living memory.

Since the launch of their 24/7 patient helpline last year, the demand for their service has soared, and continues to do so from patients requesting fresh kosher meals – no matter their level of observance.

Over 400 Bedside Kosher volunteers have now delivered 50,000 fresh hot meals to over 50 hospitals across London, the South East and Manchester.

By raising vital funds, Bedside Kosher can meet the increasing demand from patients and continue providing this vital #LifeLine to those in hospital every single day.


Click here to make your donation

or call 020 3987 1500 and use my personal ID 27221


Your support is greatly appreciated.