World famous Israeli musician, Ishay Ribo, will make his UK stage debut at The O2 London

Ishay Ribo, the platinum selling, worldfamous Israeli singer-songwriter, has announced that he will be performing at an exclusive benefit concert in London, the first time Ribo has performed in the UK.

The concert, which takes place during the Hanukkah festival, aims to bring together the Jewish community to celebrate together in song, in spirit, and in joy. It will be the UK’s biggest Jewish concert, with all Jewish communities welcome.

Ribo, whose big break came in 2014, is one of Israel’s biggest active musicians, and regarded as one of Israel’s most creative and prevalent performers. Ribo has performed to a wide range of audiences from Haredi, to national-religious, to secular and young non-religious audiences. He has released four studio albums, two of which have been certified gold and one which went platinum. He has collaborated with Israeli pop stars including Shlomo Artzi, Motti Steinmetz, Omer Adam and many others.

This one-night only show will take the audience on a musical journey through Ribo’s back catalogue.  Concert goers can also expect to hear several traditional Hanukkah to celebrate and pay tribute to the traditional festival of light.

The event will take place on 5th December 2021 and is expected to attract a sell-out crowd of concertgoers.

Ari Feferkorn, founder of Bedside Kosher, and charitable concert partner enthused: “It is a privilege that Ishay Ribo has chosen Bedside Kosher as a charitable partner.  Ishay is a world class, platinum selling musician and one of the most talented Jewish artists of our generation.

“This exclusive show promises to bring concertgoers together from all over the world, from all backgrounds, as the Jewish community unites for an evening of joyful music, dancing and entertainment.

“The experience of the past 20 months has reminded us how much we need each other. I’m so pleased that this event will bring our community back together.”

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