Meet InTouchNow, the business who make Bedside Kosher a 24/7 operation

Call Bedside Kosher any time, day or night, and a friendly proactive receptionist will answer the phone ready to help you with whatever you need, from meal orders to donations, volunteering and more.

That’s thanks to the telephone answering service provided by our friends over at InTouchNow, who have kindly donated their time and resources to supporting our charity.

Every hour of the day, someone is arriving on a hospital ward who might need our help. With that on our minds, we knew we couldn’t run a business-hours only meal booking service. We had to have a way that someone could call a number, even in the early hours of the morning, and be able to book a kosher hospital meal.

Being able to do this means we can take the weight off the shoulders of a concerned mother, who isn’t allowed to visit her teenage daughter with food parcels. It means we can give comfort to people that their elderly relatives will now receive freshly cooked kosher meals during their hospital stay.

We couldn’t do this without the generous support of InTouchNow. Their 24/7 UK based answering service is used by professional services companies and other businesses of all kinds to operate their telephone switchboard, resolve customer service queries, answer live chats, social media messenger and more. Their staff come mainly from legal and healthcare sectors and are highly trained in delivering a professional, courteous service. Every month they field thousands of telephone bookings for Bedside Kosher, without charging us for their services. That has meant we have been able to concentrate on expanding our food preparation and delivery chain, to meet the surging demand for fresh kosher food in our hospitals safe in the knowledge that people calling our phones are looked after at all times.

Daniel Park, Business Development Director at InTouchNow said of the partnership:  “When we first heard about the work that Bedside Kosher were setting out to do we jumped at the opportunity to do our part in supporting a great cause, congrats to the team on everything that they have achieved so far, long may it continue.”

Bedside Kosher’s founder Ari Feferkorn says “I’m fortunate that hundreds of kind and helpful volunteers stepped up to help me prepare, cook, and deliver our kosher meals to hospitals, however, the team at InTouchNow really went the extra mile for us. When they heard what we were doing, they offered immediate assistance, with no strings attached. I was humbled by their generosity of spirit, and they have supported us month after month, without asking for a single penny. We couldn’t do what we do now without their round the clock telephone and communication services.

“Thanks to InTouchNow, more patients have been provided for, more relatives’ minds have been put at ease, and Bedside Kosher has been able to grow further and faster than I ever dared to hope.”

Visit InTouchNow to see how your businesses can benefit from outsourcing your telephone answering and why businesses globally use their service. With a 28 day free trial, it’s not just Bedside Kosher who can benefit from their support.