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Bedside Kosher aims to improve the Kosher
food offering for the Jewish community that
aren’t currently available in hospital

Donate now to help us provide Kosher meals to Jewish Patients


Could pay for 1 days’ worth of all Kosher meals (delivered by volunteers)


Could pay for 1 days’ worth of Kosher breakfast (delivered by volunteers)


Could pay for Grape Juice and Kiddish Cups for 1 Shabbos or religious holiday.


Could pay for a Shabbos meal pack for 1 patient

How we use your donation

For every £1 you give
  • 85p Kosher Meals
  • 9p Runnings costs
  • 6p Fundraising
  • While a number of participating hospitals pay nothing at all towards our kosher meals, others pay only part of the cost of fresh daily meals, with the deficit covered by us.
  • Our patients receive full Shabbat/Jewish holiday menus with all the trimmings, which we order from professional catering establishments and pay for in full. Special diets require specialty food items and ingredients – all purchased by Bedside.
  • Some kids are too sick to keep down regular foods. These children get to choose their own menu – and we will buy them special dishes they can tolerate.
  • Labels, packaging, office running costs, top up meals and congestion charge… the list goes on and on.
  • Companion meal costs are not paid for at all by hospitals and are fully sponsored by us.

Our meals aren’t just 3-a-day deals; they’re game changers.

We know our meals have a profound impact on patient recovery and wellbeing, and are committed to expanding our net of participating hospitals until every Jewish patient across the country can access our services. Your donation will help us achieve that.

Other ways to give

by post or phone

By Post or phone

Simply pop your donation in the post or give us a buzz using our contact details below



Choose from our delightful range of themed good, with the profits going directly to funding our kosher food

020 3988 6906