Small Change for Big Change – Kosher food Charity launches critical fundraising drive

This month we will be launching our first ever ‘Small Change for Big Change’ fundraising drive. Just £2 a week will give us the crucial guaranteed income we need to get fresh Kosher food to the increasing numbers of Jewish patients in hospital requesting our support.

Since March 2020 we have helped to advocate for thousands of Jewish hospital patients across the UK. We rapidly responded to the need of our community during the worst pandemic in living memory. And, with a strong network of volunteers, we delivered over 70,000 FREE meals, giving Jewish patients three fresh meals a day.

We can only continue this work thanks to donations from people like you. Having guaranteed income from our generous monthly givers means we are able to plan for long term solutions and invest in bigger projects.

Looking ahead, we would like to expand our services to the social care sector and other health care providers within the Jewish community. We believe in dignity and respect to vulnerable Jewish people, and we will continue to develop strategies to advocate on their behalf.

Anthony Shaw, Chief Executive at Bedside Kosher says: “We really hope the community will get behind us on this appeal. To enable us to meet our goals, we need to grow our donor network. That means we need to earn your support, and that of your friends, your friends’ friends, families and colleagues.

“Your gift will help us to continue serving patients in hospitals across the UK with fresh, healthy and delicious meals. The kind of food that feeds the soul, and aids recovery. We can only continue this work thanks to donations from people like you.

“It’s a big undertaking, and you will hear more from us over the next few weeks, along with some really exciting new projects.”

For every pound we spend, 85p goes directly towards kosher meals, 9p to running costs and 6p to fundraising.

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