We’re committed to training staff in our participating hospitals.

Aimed at those whose jobs require a basic understanding of a kosher diet, from catering managers, nurses, and dieticians through to kitchen orderlies, our courses aim to explain the principles of kosher food and how our meals should be heated and served in hospitals.

Kosher Food Staff Training

5 things you may not know about your Jewish patients

Why is Kosher so Important?

For Jewish patients, kosher isn’t just a fad or a nutrition plan one can ‘cheat on’; rather, it is an entire set of values and traditions that they will have followed closely until now.

For any patient, a hospital stay can be a traumatic time. For Jewish patients, however, the stress is exacerbated by having no access to fresh kosher food or snacks. Bedside Kosher alleviates their suffering by providing fresh nutritious meals/snacks to patients and their companion/s during their hospital stay.